10 bizarre habits of cyclists

Cycling is the world’s most wonderful sport. This is something we can all agree on. But I feel we can also agree on the fact that cyclists are just really odd people, especially through the eyes of non-cyclists or beginners. But you know what, if you’re a beginner to cycling, mark my words. After a couple of months of cycling, you will do the same!

Here are 10 crazy cycling habits.

1. Only round numbers are allowed

Bicyclists never stop at 47.6 or 93.9 km. They have to cover 50km or 100km. And even 150, 175 or 200 when the distance increases. We don’t stop at random numbers, we even do an extra lap or ride up and down the street to get the right distance.

2. Coffee is so tasty!

Coffee is so enjoyable. If we could we would end every ride with a steaming cup of coffee at our favourite coffee stop. And why not? Coffee is made from beans, so it’s natural! It’s healthy, right?

3. We just have to look in every mirror

The windows of storefronts and offices are handy for checking if your outfit still looks stylish. If you still have that flawless look. Whenever we find a photographer on a ride, we make sure to look as good as possible in our cycling outfits. And never forget to raise your thumb or strike a pose. That is just how we roll!

4. Is my bike still in one piece?

Sometimes we do have a slight slip or even a big crash. But when we get up, the first thing we check is the bike. Is the bike okay, does everything work properly? No bended rims or cracks? We then look at our own bodies after we have checked our bikes.

5. If it’s not on Strava it didn’t happen!

Did your Wahoo or Garmin battery run out before you finished your ride? You immediately feel anger entering your body. Even if it takes 10 minutes, you won’t start your ride before your GPS has a proper signal. Your rides have to go on Strava.

6. Get your tan lines as sharp as possible

Cyclists are so vain. Their limbs have to be perfectly bronzed. Cycling is amazing, but what does all the riding matter if your tan lines (the lines between your brown and white skin) aren’t perfectly straight, you would look like an amateur. So if you see a cyclist constantly pulling his shirt and bib down, no worries, he is busy getting those tan lines just right! It’s a kind of status symbol.

7. Bad Average

It doesn’t matter what level the cyclist is at. When the average speed isn’t above a pre-determined magical speed, the ride is a total disaster. The average speed must always be higher than 26, 28, 32 km/h.

8. The wind determines the route

Cyclists always start their lap with a headwind, so you will have the last part with a backwind. Do you have a backwind in the last part of the ride? You will be grumpy for the rest of the day. Even better, this will be the story you tell everybody at the office or at birthday parties. Wind also plays an active part in beating your PB and KOM.

9. Strike a pose while waiting

The pros are mastering this; adopting a very casual pose on the top tube, when waiting for your cycling buddies or at the traffic lights. It has to fear competitors. He is still so relaxed, he must be very strong!

10. We do keep things private!

Sometimes we feel ashamed. We don’t want to look foolish in front of our friends, especially when it comes to Strava. We don’t want to show any signs of weakness. So if we do, we mention the ride as a Recovery ride, and if not, we put it on private. The ride will not be visible to friends, but the time and distance will be taken into account for our totals.

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