5 Reasons why you should start cycling

As a cyclist it’s easy to say, cycling is fun. But if you’re new to the entire cycling scene, prices, equipment, technology and the idea of needing plenty of knowledge might scare you off. Here are 5 reasons why you should overcome this fear and just start cycling.

1. You’ll live longer.

Cycling is good for your heart and your fitness. It improves the bodies cardiovascular system and help preventing diseases like Diabetes type II.

2. It makes you happier

If you’re cycling, your brain will start releasing Endorphins, our bodies feel-good neurotransmitters. Doing cycling exercises can help decreasing the level of stress and anxiety.

3. Your brain works better

Cycling requires balancing, quick-reaction and decision making skills. While cycling you’re basically training your brain. It helps adults with focus and concentration. And it’s proven; cyclists are 40% more likely to solve a complex puzzle than non cyclists.

4. You’ll get stronger

While cycling you do a workout of almost every muscle in your body. It’s obvious that your leg-muscles will do the most of work. But abdomen and back-muscles will help your stability on the bike, while shoulders and arm-muscles will ensure the control of your handlebars.

5. It’s planet friendly

If you are cycling you have zero carbon pollution. There is no extra energy involved like using gym equipment or swimming. Use a bike as a form of transport and you will also decrease the number of times you’ll need the car. Making it a good alternative for urban transport.

In our opinion this are the 5 most important motivations to start cycling. Do you feel you have a better one. Or do you have a different opinion? Share your thoughts as a comment on this blog. We would like to engage with you and help you to join our world of cycling.

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