We are a Dutch Cyclists couple living in the UAE.

In January 2020 we paid our first visit to Dubai, to visit family and discover the city as tourists. We were overwhelmed, decide to give it a try to relocate. This mission failed for obvious reasons. In October 2021 we paid our second visit. Again visiting family, but this time we were introduced in a more of a UAE citizen habit of tourism. We paid a visit to Hatta, the ultimate UAE mountainbike hotspot. Early morning cycling in the desert mountains. For the first time we discovered the cycling scene as we passed a major cycling track and rode Hatta ourselves. So this time, we tried to relocate again. This time we targeted the industry that we both worked for, and this time we succeed. So in February 2022, we officially became UAE residents and started our Dutch Dubai Cyclists adventure.

We are Dutch Cyclists couple, Rachelle and Jorrit. Both grew up in the cycling industry, did some competitions. Now we are active at different levels within the cycling industry and want to share our passion and knowledge with everybody that is interested. As Jorrit was a triathlete within his junior years, he is now mainly a amateur tourer. The basic cyclist that is riding for fun and health, most of the time easy and uses cycling mostly as a social and fitness exercise. Rachelle on the other hand is a true performance athlete. Before coming to the UAE she competed on the mountainbike in different Dutch and European occasions. Now moving to Dubai, she started to explore road cycling, and went back to urban mountain biking, as racing in the UCI MTB Eliminator World Cup. She is all about performance and speed.

Combine the two of us and you have a very accessible 360 degrees view of cycling, as we are giving you insights, opinions and knowledge about the cycling in the UAE. We take you with us on our journey to unveil the potentials of the UAE as an ultimate cycling destination.