Advanced Cycling Community: Dubai Roadsters

dubai roadsters cycling on public road

Dubai Roadsters is Dubai Cycling heritage. It’s one of the first cycling communities within the UAE cycling community. Every Sunday this group of experienced cyclists are moving out for a nice and paced 80km rides across Dubai. The Dubai Roadsters Peloton is supported by multiple vehicles to provide a safe ride.

Dubai Roadsters

Dubai Roadsters is a social gathering of passionate road cyclists. As the first rides where organised in 2000, the ride will still taking place every single week. With an average speed between the 34 to 38km/h over a distance of 80km the ride is paced. But riding with the roadsters will provide the ultimate cycling experience. With a paced speed, riding over the Dubai highways, having a sprint in the middle and the end. And being protected by a number of support vehicles.

To go with the Dubai Roadsters it’s highly recommended to have some bunch riding or road cycling experience. Riding in a group on higher pace isn’t always that easy. Also keeping up with the pace requires a level of stamina. But, if you can’t keep up the pace. The support drivers are there to assist you, or bring you back to the finish safely.

Riding the roadsters is free as it’s an informal ride with cycling passionates. However, if you are riding with the group more often. You will be asked for an annual contribution for the monthly salary of the support-drivers.

team Wolfi's during the Dubai Roadsters

Do you want to know more about the roadsters?

Are you an experienced cyclist and do you feel you can handle the experience? You can join the pack every Sunday morning. Visit the website of the Dubai Roadsters or sign up the Facebook Group to get the latest information about starting locations and times.

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