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All the top teams in the Tour de France know. It all comes down to details if you want to perform at the highest level. Jumbo-Visma, Ineos-Grenadiers, and UAE Team Emirates spend their money on minor parties to gain an advantage. And it’s not only on the bike. It’s also about the riders’ lifestyle. So what can I do to improve my performance.

Do you know the sentence “eat, sleep, train, repeat”? Well, it tells you that a good performance comes from balanced nutrition, training, and recovery. So for Rachelle to become a better athlete, we take a close look at some details that might help her perform better. Therefore we tested a tool that measures the effect of our nutrition on the body. In this blog, we try the UltraHuman M1 Live.

What is UltraHuman?

When we eat, glucose levels in our blood change. Those changes have a direct impact on our well-being. If glucose levels are low, we feel tired and entirely out of energy. If the levels are too high, we want to keep eating while our heartbeat is accelerated. Both situations are not very convenient when you want to perform in sport or while doing your profession. With the UltraHuman M1 Live, you place a Metabolism Tracker on the back of your arm. This chip connects with an app on your phone and measures real-time glucose levels in your blood. So you see the effect of your meals and can plan and eat accordingly to keep your glucose levels steady and ensure your body stays balanced for optimal performance.

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My experiences with the UltraHuman

I’ve been using the UltraHuman M1 Live metabolism tracker for months. When I unboxed the tracker for the first time, I was surprised that the tracker used for the UltraHuman, is the same as the tracker diabetic people use for their glucose level tracking. I’ve never made the connection that such trackers could benefit me. But while using it, they proved I was wrong.

When I did my morning rides, I always had problems in the first 30 minutes of my ride. I always thought it was because my body needed to wake up. But since I use UltraHuman I found the real reason for this bad feeling. My breakfast and exercise were so close together that my body could not react appropriately to the nutrition. After I saw this in the graphs provided by UltraHuman I changed my routine and solved the problem.

This is one of the clear examples of how the real-time glucose measurements and graphs improved my performance on the bike. To do so, I’ve connected my UltraHuman app with my Garmin Smartwatch. In this case, it collects my heart rate and fitness data, but also the nutrition stats provided by UltraHuman. This gives me an all-round view of my performances. So for me, it helps to optimise my nutrition for training and races.

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