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All the top teams in the Tour de France know. It all comes down to details if you want to perform at the highest level. Jumbo-Visma, Ineos-Grenadiers, and UAE Team Emirates spend the money on minor parties to gain an advantage. And it’s not only on the bike. It’s also about the riders’ lifestyle.

Do you know the sentence “eat, sleep, train, repeat”? Well, it tells you that a good performance comes from balanced nutrition, training, and recovery. So for Rachelle to become a better athlete, we take a close look at some details that might help her perform better. Therefore we start with the recovery process by testing the Reboots.

What is Reboots?

Reboots are recovery boots that you can use after training or a long day at work. It follows the same principles as sports massaging, generating pressure and stimulating muscle blood flow to eliminate waste products. The system works with air inflatable chambers in the boots. Those chambers inflate and provide pressure on specific areas of your legs. Using these boots for recovery should give you a faster regeneration, improved flexibility, and less muscle soreness. In other words, you can start with your next training sooner.

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Our experiences with the Reboots

We were fortunate to test the boots for a couple of weeks. We tried the boots and the pants. Both work with the same principles. However, the pants will also stimulate the glutes.

Using the Reboots feels very relaxing. And using them for half an hour to an hour feels like a bit of treatment to yourself. Your muscles feel relaxed after using, and we didn’t experience any muscle soreness after using the boots. But to get the best results, you’ll need to use them directly after your exercise. So if you go and visit a cycle track, you need to take the boots with you and use them during your after-ride coffee.

We like both options, but if you want to use the Reboots directly after your ride, we feel the boots are the better solution. You never know where you finish, and with only your knees fixated, you still have plenty of options to sit. These options are limited with your hips and knees fixated, like what is happening with the pants. In the last case, you want to be at home, on your bed or a sofa.

About the process of recovery, we feel it makes improvements to the recovery process. It’s hard to tell if these improvements are the same as when you do a massage. But unless you’re a professional cyclist during the Tour de France, you cannot have a proper massage after each ride. With the Reboots you have an alternative that comes close.

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