How to increase your stamina the fastest way?

Easy answer: Cycle at least 12 to 16 hours a week with long, steady rides with low heart rates.

Easy right? Indeed, this amount of training hours is impossible if you’re not a pro cyclist or cycling team member. So how can you increase your stamina with a limited amount of time? We might have the answer.

Train the opposite way, instead of long, slow rides. You go with a mix of heavy intervals combined with easy rides. A new method of training that is supported by much different research.


The secret to better stamina lies in the capacity of your mitochondria (your body’s energy system). Long and easy rides increase the number of mitochondria in your cells. Where heavy intervals (HIIT) will strengthen your mitochondria. So doing multiple short but heavy interval training will help you improve your stamina.

This means that the best way to increase your stamina is to mix your training schedule in a way that 80% of your rides are easy with a steady and lower heart rate ” Zone 2″ (you need a heart rate meter for this). The other 20% training whit a high to very high intensity. If you don’t like this idea you can go with a mix of higher heart rate zones during the week (zone 3 to 6)

Ultimate Stamina-Interval

Cyclists who want to do the best possible intervals to increase their stamina must vary their exercises between 30 seconds to 5 minutes. All of them in extreme high intensity. And repeat this a couple of times during the training. The best is to have three to six interval sessions in your training. All with a 2 minute recovery time in between. This will lead to incredible results. When your stamina increases, you can raise the number of sessions and intensity.
Those exercises will help boost the aerobe system and make fast muscle fibers. At the same time, those rapid and robust muscle fibers resist better against fatigue

Try to do this kind of training twice a week, followed by one day of total rest. The rest of your training has to be with an average and steady heartbeat. But remember that if you want to make yourself ready for a long ride. You still have to do long rides to let your body adapt to the long rides. Because for long rides you have to get used to a long time in the saddle, your nutrition and other factors that come along with long rides other than stamina. Those experiences are impossible to create in short interval training.

NOTE: Please be aware that interval, although it provides positive results, is very stressful to your body. You must ensure you include effortless rides and days of rest in your schedule. Also, pay good attention to your nutrition and sleeping habits. Always keep an eye on your general recovery.

If you don’t do this, you might be fit, but won’t be healthy. You will have a considerable amount of stress hormones in your body. Also, it might cause local injuries that will damage your body in the long term. So doing this kind of training is good, but pay attention and keep it all balanced with your day-to-day life.

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