Surrounded By A Great Team

Last couple of weeks were up-and-coming, but all of a sudden. This week turned upside down. After a fantastic win in the Trail seeker MTB, I received a shocking and surprising phone call from my manager. Get your stuff, go home and stay there. You tested positive today for the virus. So far, I plan to ride the Blue Tank MTB. You would think.

Luckily the new regulations gave five days of quarantine, and with no symptoms, I was most of the time on my rollers on the balcony or inside the apartment. So after a good conversation with the coach, I decided to race instead of a long pyramid training. And so we went to Showka for the second UAE National MTB Series race. With the mission to secure the position on the leaderboard.

She was arriving somewhere before 7, having the bike prepared. Rachelle just needed clarification about the tire pressure. The bad luck came in an attempt to pump up the tire. The valve-Core snapped, and there were no possibilities of replacing the valve or the tire at that point. The start/finish line was almost 2km away from the car park and the tools. And, supported with the latest information, there was only a little we could do just some minutes before the start. It looked like Rachelle would not be able to start as her tire slowly released some pressure. In a last-minute solution, one of the Wolfi’s team members came up with the idea to sacrifice his race, his bike, to make it possible to let Rachelle start. “You are way better in the standings than me.” We changed wheels. And so Rachelle managed to start the race.

Again this showed in what kind of team we are. From the outside, mountain biking looks like an individual sport. But if the right people and support surround you, you could do much more, as shown today. And again, the basic rule of winning a race applies here. “To finish first, you first have to finish.”

About the race, I won’t tell you much about this. It was a long way of struggling, and winners don’t make excuses. We had a lot of moments to learn from, to take with us as a lesson, and come back stronger. But in the end, it doesn’t matter how. Rachelle secured the win in the Women Under 40 and is leading the series’ standings. After a week of being locked up, it’s good to be out again and racing.

But for now, we want to thank our fellow team members of Wolfi’s for the fantastic support and teamwork in the first couple of races.

If you have questions regarding racing or mountain biking. Just send us a comment below!

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