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More than half a year ago, we came to Dubai with the idea of building a life here. We found an excellent job that lies close to our passion. We are fortunate to work every day with bikes. But we never thought we were into racing any time soon. But in April, everything changed because of the UCI MTB Eliminator Race in Abu Dhabi. As you follow the blog, you might know what happened there. And now, the focus is on the next season after the season.

Working with a coach

Last season was fun and gave us a lot of insights into what is needed to perform better in the Eliminator discipline. One of the things was structure. So right after we ended the season, we started our collaboration with a dutch coach. From now on, she is making the decisions about the training: the timings, the layout, and the intensity. Working with a coach gives us structure and ensures we work according to a plan. And for now, it seems like it’s working

Using the UAE Season

To prepare for the MTB Eliminator season, we try to do as much as UAE mountain bike races as possible. We partnered with a Cycling team – in a later blog, we will tell more about this – and applied for our UAE Cycling Licence. Yesterday Rachelle participated in the first race, a 7.5km time trail in the mountains of Showka. She was taking the first win back home

With this blog, we will keep you up to date. And if there is more, you like to know regarding training with a coach, mountain biking, or cycling. Just leave us a comment. And we are happy to explain more.

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