This is how to perform the Minute-to-minute training!

Do you often ride together with your buddy? Challenge each other with the minute-to-minute training.

Like many of us, we cycle together with that one friend. Just because it’s fun. Sometimes it’s just a ride of chatting, but sometimes it’s serious stuff, putting the pedal to the metal, suffering all the way. Do you feel you want a real battlefield during your ride together? Try the minute-to-minute. No pain, no gain. We can promise you this, you will be suffering big time!

This is the Minute-to-Minute.

To do this training with the best outcome, your buddy and you must be at an equal level. But if this buddy is your regular friend regarding rides, this might be the case. When you do this training, you start with a decent warm-up. Just go for 15 minutes of easy pedaling. After this, let’s begin the actual battle. But before you start, do rock-paper-scissors to decide who will start the first run. 

Step by step explained!

Let’s break down the training. To make it really clear how this works.

  1. Cyclist 1 cycles 1 minute at a slow accelerating speed, going flat out at the end of the minute. Cyclist 2 stays in the draft. (Cyclist 1 isn’t allowed to lose cyclist 2)
  2. After a minute, cyclist 2 takes over the lead. But both cyclists will take 1 minute to recover.
  3. After the minute of recovery, cyclist 2 will accelerate, and cyclist 1 has to keep in the draft.
  4. Repeat this 6 to 10 times. Minute flat out, minute of recovery, and change positions. Start again. If you feel you can do more, feel free, but we don’t believe you want to do more after finishing those sessions.

After this 15 to 20 minutes of torture, you will do a cool-down run. Just do an easy spin of 15 minutes. Have a little chat. And finish off with that well-deserved coffee. 

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