What you need to know if you start cycling in the UAE

cycling on public roads

“Hydrate or die.” Bring enough hydration if you go for a spin.

UAE Roads are most of the time very chaotic. Drivers are not familiar with cyclists using the streets. Therefore it’s highly recommendable to avoid the use of the bike at public roads as much as possible. In order to cycle safely and get the best result out of your rides it’s better to make use of the numerous of cycling facilities that are provided in the country.

cycling on a car free cycle track

Cycling facilities are provided all over the country. But the most of them you can find in the two most famous cities of the country. Dubai and Abu Dhabi (UCI cycling City). In this blog we mention a couple of car free cycle tracks that are useful for a Performance(P) or Touring(T) spin on a road bike.

  • Al Qudra Cycle Track. 86km (P/T)
  • Meydan Cycle Track. 8,4km (P/T)
  • Jumeirah Beach Cycle Track. 19km (T)

The tracks that are mentioned are provided with public facilities like toilets and showers. Those facilities are free of charge. Traveling to those facilities is most of the time done by car. All of the tracks have access to free car parkings, except Jumeirah Beach Track. But this track is connected to Meydan Track. So you can go from there. This will provide you with a nice 2 hour spin on an average of 24km/h.

Some equipment is mandatory.

The use of Cycling facilities are free of charge. But this doesn’t say you only need a bike to start cycling. The UAE government is very strict as it comes to rules about the use of a bike. Wearing a helmet is mandatory. As are the standard cycling equipment like lights in night time. But also in bright daylight its highly recommendable to use daylight lighting on your bike to increase visibility.

And when you go for a spin on a track like Al Qudra, it’s also recommendable to equip yourself with a toolkit and a spare inner tube. As Al Qudra is a track in the middle of the desert. When having a technical failure, you’re on your own. Although there are emergency telephone numbers and communication-poles provided every single km.

female cyclist looking to a water bottle

And then we end, with the words we began with. Hydrate or die. Summers in the UAE are very hot. Therefore UAE cyclists go out for a spin in the very early mornings. Preparing hydration days before exercising and carrying enough hydration for the ride. This is recommended for you. Bring enough hydration and nutrition to your rides in summer and in winter. And take care of the heat. Avoid to cycle at the hottest parts of the day. Because overheating yourself or to less hydration, will not do any favours to your overall cycling experience.

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